Having been involved in public speaking for over 20 years, Jenny is recognized as an engaging presenter, mixing confidence with vulnerability. She shares relevant and meaningful lessons from her personal experiences as a businesswoman, wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother, as well as her struggles with being a survivor of abuse and the pain of losing a child.

The International Humanitarian Society has benefited from Jenny’s leadership as President for 15 years. Her passion for humanitarian work extends beyond her role at IHS, with her desire to see people reach physical, emotional, and spiritual health being at the core of her many endeavors.

In 2007, Jenny completed her Masters of Divinity Degree at Taylor University, with a major in Pastoral Counseling. In her role as counselor she has helped clients navigate a wide variety of issues like family violence, divorce, loss, depression, abuse, and much more. She has also engaged in a preventive role as a pre-marriage counselor, helping to establish healthy communication in couples before they take the next step. Jenny is a certified Associate Professional Counsellor (APC) with the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Jenny’s focus is on teaching people to treat both themselves and others better. She says,

“How you treat other people is a lens that reflects how you see yourself.”


Jenny Mernickle was a frequent guest speaker to several hundred junior high and high school students at our weekly assemblies. She instantly connected with the students and captured their attention and their hearts, speaking directly to the challenges of teenage life, including the questions of self-worth so often faced by students. Many of them sought her out after assemblies because her message touched them so directly. Jenny encouraged students to pursue the purposeful, meaningful, joyful life she so effectively modeled for them.

F. Kroeker, Principal

Jenny spoke at a two-day conference in the townships of South Africa and taught a one-day workshop on how to counsel people. We heard over and over “We appreciated the food parcels from [the International Humanitarian Society] but what meant the most was what she shared in her message to us.”  Jenny's heart-to-heart approach made a lasting impact!  To this day the people still ask about her.

On a personal note, Jenny has brought insight and truth into my life which has helped me see myself in a whole new way.  I now live with more joy and freedom!

Rebecca Vaughan, Humanitarian Aid

I have had the opportunity to hear Jenny speak on various occasions. Her words have the ability to speak life into even the darkest situations. She is encouraging, inspiring, engaging and compassionate. I encourage people of all ages to take advantage of the opportunity to hear Jenny speak. You will leave a better person!

Melanie Dromarsky, Elementary School Teacher

As an academically qualified counselor, Jenny speaks from her heart and life experiences. She is a gifted communicator that is able to inspire business executives or students to identify and achieve their greatest potential in life.

I can say this with unreserved confidence as I benefited from her personal coaching for over 12 years.

Rev. Robert Gal, Director of Marketplace Chapel

I had the pleasure of seeing Jenny speak and would highly recommend having her speak to your employees, especially regarding workplace incidents that deal with emotional health and well-being.

Jenny is engaging and humorous in her presentations.

Gayle Holtz, President of Northern Weldarc, Ltd.